Question about Newly Sponsored Story

Heey! I have a question. I hope nothing comes across as rude. :cupid:

Question : Do authors have to delete their original story when Episode sponsors them? I love “Mystery On Hanging Hill Lane”, and I don’t want Episode to delete the original, (non-gem).
Also, do you guys think it’s fair that Episode makes money by copying and pasting a script and then putting a little “E” on the left corner?
Thanks if you do respond! :pensive::slightly_smiling_face:


They don’t delete stories anymore, I think. They just take them off the ranks, you can still find the story on your favorites probably.


Yeah because the original of I Married a Prince and I Married a Millionaire are still on my favourites and if you looked I’m sure you could find them.


Episode makes money on any story being read by users, if you’ve seen an ad while reading congratulations you’ve made Episode Interactive money. I think authors being able to get in on that revenue is a good thing, although I’d have to know more about the pay structure to form an opinion on fairness.

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When Episode purchases a user story they have different contracts with every author they buy the story from. It’s not about “fair” or not. Sometimes the author is contracted to rewrite the story with gem choices, if they are not they generally do use the same story and adjust with gem choices. They make money off all user stories anyway through ad revenue whether the writer is on the payment program or not.

This depends on what kind of contract the author has with Episode regarding their story. I have noticed now that they don’t remove the original user story anymore.

Such an amazing story and author! But, as ELx said, the story will still be in your favorites and on the author’s profile.

Writers don’t have to delete their stories thankfully, (I prefer to read the originals so I don’t have to spend gems)

And as far as the “little E” I feel like it’s kinda fair that episode earns one kind of funds from the stories as they provide the program the author writes the story on, sponsors the story on their featured pages giving it an audience of readers which then entitles the author to entering the payment program and earning that money back along with the fact that episode has to pay it’s staff somehow and it’s staff mostly make the covers of all featured stories. so to be fair I’d say it be about 60-40% in the authors favour with funds.

awh first off thank you! but okay so, my story is in beta testing rn, so if it gets featured then the story will be removed from search and the ranks. but it’ll still be in peoples favorites and on my profile. however, if it doesn’t get feaured thennnnnnn i’m not 100% sure but i’ll let you know when i know!! :cupid::cupid:

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:sob::sob::sob: I love your story so much!!! :gem::gem:

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When it doesn’t get featured, the original story isn’t hidden :slight_smile:

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yea ik i just won’t be able to add onto it :crazy_face:

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Is that true? Because Instant Princess was allowed to be continued when it wasn’t featured? But of course you could have different contracts.

You can continue the story like nothing happened :slight_smile: if it’s on episode of course, not somewhere else

Hii can you share the link to the original i married a prince?

The original is actually removed from the app! If you try to read it it will just redirect you to the featured one