Question about overlays


So I created a conversation on ifakemessage (for my story) and I want to upload it (as an overlay) but in the content guidelines it says that we basically cant promote/show any other brand (so snapchat, messenger, and others) so, will they accept it since it literally looks like a ss taken from messenger? Cause I need it, but I don’t know if I want to wait a few days. Maybe I should just use speech bubbles?

sorry if that’s a stupid question. Just asking for advice


Yes they will but it can’t show any company names. :smile:


Just make sure there’s no any names, watermarks or such. It should be fine :slight_smile:


thanks C:


I used Fake iPhone Text Message, and they rejected only because I didn’t remove iMessage on the bottom, when I removed it was approved :slight_smile:


Thank you. If I changed it into text message, it should be okay, right?

also, sorry for asking, but maybe you know. I made something like this:
@speechbubble is 160 274 to 100%
| superscript , bold , animation:shuffle-sideways | 10PM
| reset |Simona, where is the house?!
I’m loosing my mind here!!

It shows me an error: You can’t have one character immiadetly following another. (its on the line with the NARRATOR) should i put the @speechbubble command before every NARRATOR line?

I’m asking because I really don’t want to make another topic


Yes you put:

@speechbubble is 160 274 to 100%


Then whatever here.


I just did that, still shows me an error…


@speechbubble is 160 274 to 100%
Simona, where is the house?!
@speechbubble is 160 274 to 100%
I’m loosing my mind here!!
@pause for a beat
@speechbubble is 160 274 to 100%
@speechbubble reset

removed the effects (I decided I don’t want them)
even put @pause for a beat

still an error im maaad


Could you send me a image of the script.


It’s weird because now I deleted the last part (and the speechbubbles) and it’s fine. I don’t get it because the other two lines from narrator were just fine and the same, and the 3rd one had a problem


You need some punctuation mark after the TEXT ME BACK ASAP


omg thank you so much, I mean seriously, you know everything