Question about points


For the points system, is there a way to create an outcome based on having more points than another character? If not, are there hacks or workarounds, or is it just impossible? I searched but couldn’t find anything.


So this is actually possible.
The code we be something like:

Alternative Solution
YOU can also just compare the maximum number of points each can get and decide the number at which CHARACTER1 would start having more points than CHARACTER2.
Example: If 10 points meant CHARACTER1 would have more.
If (CHARACTER1 > 9){
#You use 9 because 10 is not greater than 10.
}elif CHARACTER1 < 10){
#Use 10 because you want everything less than 10.


Thank you, I didn’t think there was. I’ll keep your method in mind, though, and see if I can use it.


That is possible actually and it’s coded just like that.


Coded like I typed in bold?




Oh awesome! Thank you both :blush:


You can even compare points between more than 2 people, like say you want to see if one person has more points than the other 2 people, it would look like this: if (CHAR1 > CHAR2 and CHAR3) {


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