Question about rereading chapters

Hi everyone!
I want to give my readers the option to skip chapters in the story and wanted to know- When readers get sent back to the beginning of a chapter, do they keep their:

  1. Gains
  2. Choices (as in, remembering choices using choice names)
  3. Character points
  4. Outfits / CC their characters had

Or do these come back to how they were before the readers started the chapter the first time?
I need to know if I have to make some sort of quiz for the skipping option so that they can make these choices again, or they can just skip without problem?
Thanks in advance! :heart:

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Afaik, it depends.

  • If a chapter is reset because you changed something and the pass was refunded, all of these 4 are reset to whatever they were before the reader started the chapter. (ie. by the end of Ep3 the reader has 5 character points, they read Ep4 and now have 7 character points, then you edit Ep4 and they’re refunded a pass, they’re now back to 5 character points).
  • If you send the readers backward using a label, like if the MC dies and you make the reader repeat the chapter, all of these 4 are kept.

So, if you want the readers to be able to skip because you tend to edit published episodes, you’ll need a quiz, otherwise they’ll miss all the gains and stuff during the episode. :+1:

Thank you! :grin: This was very helpful! :heart:

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