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If I have characters that are the same skin tone is that okay? Like they’re from the same country.

Example…… my main character is Chinese along with her family. Then my love interest is also Chinese with the family. So in all note. Is it okay if they all have the same skin tone???

I personally wouldn’t recommend having a story like that. Ideally, you should have your story to be ethnically diverse, and you don’t want all the characters limited to one ethnicity.


It would be a bit weird honestly. That’s because skin tone colour will be different depending on which area you come from and your ancestry. It really depends on which region your characters come from. It’s crucial to note facial features change but understandably, Episode doesn’t have enough features for that. So skin tone is a good indicator of who is who since authors have no choice but to use a few types of eye features for their characters. Ideally, I wouldn’t want you to use to the same skin tones unless they are blood kin. It’s hard to differentiate characters if they are all the same skin tone


True. I was asking because In this story I think it’s called made in hell everyone has like the same skin tone and they are from the same country.

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I wouldn’t recommend doing this. I understand what you mean by saying all the characters are Chinese so they would all be light-skinned/pale. But if you pick the exact same skintone, then all the characters would look the same and you’d be perpetuating the stereotype that all East Asian people look the same.

What I suggest is keeping them in the same range but not skintone. Like if you choose say Gold 02 for the MC, then the LI can be Rose 03. This way they both have different undertones while being light skinned, and would have diversity even if they are the same race.

But just as a note there are East Asian people who have medium to darker skintones. Not everyone in China is very pale.


No, try to be diverse. Like @PoojaI said it right, if you pick the exact same skin tone you can create the stereotype that all East Asian people look the same.

And @Whatever1 has a point, too. :point_right:

Try to be diverse, because even in China there are people from different skin tones. Sounds weird, but is definitely true → in every country in the world there is no national skin tone (in my country (the Netherlands) there aren’t only people with light skin but also darker skin). It’s unreal, to be honest, if everyone has the same skin tone.

@AngelWings1983 @poojal thank you very much. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I’m Chinese myself, and we do have similar skin tones. It’s fine actually.
If they’re pure blooded Chinese, they typically have skin tones around 00-01 across all shades. 02-04 if they spend some time working underneath the sun, but no more than that.
That’s why it’s natural for a few Chinese people to even look the same entirely.

And majority of us do have monolids, as in a huge number of us, so don’t be alarmed :joy:

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