Question about speech bubbles

So, quick question; is it possible to change the color of the outline on the speech bubbles? Something that appeared for ex. in ,Legacy" (the outline is pink there) Also, different speech bubbles appeared in, for ex. It started with a lie/Pll. They don’t have the blue outline. Is it an option for everyone or just another thing only for featured stories? :")

To get those you need to create a new story named either Mean Girls ( makes them pink) or Demi Lovato (makes them purple), once the story is created you can change the title to whatever you want it to be and the speechbubbles will be the colour you want.

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Thank you, but then the link will be mean girls or demi lovato, lol. Whatever then. But the speech bubbles without the outline are only an option for featured stories, then?

You just need to name them that for the speechbubbles, as soon as the story is created you change the title. It doesn’t affect anything else.

The ones with no outline are the new speechbubbles, Episode is slowly releasing those out to everyone to replace all the old ones.

The speechbubbles in PLL aren’t available at all though, there is no way of getting those.

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I know, but it’s annoying, that’s all. Well, thank you.

PLL has so many features I wish everyone could use ;(

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