Question about tappable overlays

is it possible to make a ui a tappable overlay that you can tap at any point throughout the story?

What are you thinking of exactly?

Something like how Choices has the closet, a little icon that you can tap at any time and it brings you to a dressing game.

Unfortunately that is an Episode only feature - exclusive if you will, the only ways you could do such a thing is put a choice saying; “Go to my closet!” Then that taking you to the closet! Sorry!

Hey, this is possible! With some limitations perhaps- but still totally doable. All you have to do is create the UI and make it a tappable option as you suggested yourself. From there, you can do a fade in overlay to avoid difficulties with returning to the same scene.

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However, the scene will most likely not continue if she or he does this…

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I can see this happening if you changed backgrounds, but by replacing it with an overlay you can simply use opacity commands to make it fade in and out.

I did something similar in my own story. I can try to replicate in with a separate story if you’re curious. :grin:

I’d like to try a story out with this in it!

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I saw this before and had an idea,

if you know how to use the points system, make a dummy character and then make their points go up every time they go into a certain scene, so you know where the reader is. then you have the closet in the corner or something, and it can go back.

The only problem is that the reader would have to start that scene from the very beginning, so if the story has any advanced choices, it probably wouldn’t work.

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