Question About the arrow dress game?

Do you have to do points system to use the arrow dress game in your story?

If not, where can I get a template?


Yea, this is the one I have. But I’m not doing the point system.

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You could use gains and flags, but that wouldn’t be very practical, considering you have to label each gain differently. The best way to use the overlay arrow dressing game is by using a point system.
If you have already used the MC for a certain point system, I suggest you create another character named OUTFIT (or something that implies a dressing game/choice). This way you can add and delete points from that character without risking to mess up any points your readers have already gained.
I hope this was at least a little bit helpful. Have a great day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you

might I ask why do you do not want to use point system?

I don’t want to use it. So that why I’m asking is there a way to use it without the point system.

I didnt wanted to offend you. I just have thought you might see some problem with the point system which you experience and it might be explained so it will not be broblem anymore. :woman_shrugging:

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U didn’t offend me. Sry if I sounded rude. I just wanted to see how I can use it without using the point system. I don’t like using a point system.

OK I see. Honestly I am not sure you can do it with gains. Because with gains is a problem that you cant “ungain” them. While by points you can reset them. Which is what is used in things like this.

If you will use gains problem is thst after reader will go through all posibilities again he will already have all gains and the script will not know which dress to show.

If there is a way with gains than it will be much more complicated coding. Honestly points are the right solution for this.


Thank ya … Someone said to change the template up… But , I’m going to have to look into more… Cause I’m clueless 🤦

Honestly once you use the points in this minigame you do not need to use them anymore and can forget about them. Reader will also never see you have used them. It would be the easiest to just use the template. Its not bringing you any disadvantage to have it in story.

I think I am really advanced coder but I struggle to figure out how ho have it working the same way just with gains.

Well I hope you will find solution that you will be OK with.

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