Question about the content guidelines of Episode | SOLVED

Hi, I’m brand new to Episode and am currently writing my first story. :hugs:
A while ago, a girl wrote to me on Instagram, whose story was first published and then withdrawn by Episode, because it apparently violates their ccontent guidelines. I’m really confused now because I don’t think she wrote anything bad. - Example: she was bleeding from the head and had some cuts.

My story is about a gang and logically I put swear words in there or just things that such a gang boss might say. Something like, “If you don’t shut the fuck up right now, I’m going to cut your ears off!”

Is that too violent? Do I need to rewrite that somehow?
But a scene like that really only happens rarely and is not the focus. It’s more about the love affair between the boss and his girlfriend, who has nothing to do with gang life. :thinking:

So, to shorten my question: Can I include such things in the story, or do I have to rewrite it and am I allowed to make hints like - “Just the thought of what I would do with her if I had the time” - Or is that forbidden?

→ At the beginning of each chapter, of course, I put a warning so that the reader can decide if he wants to read the story or not.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long text. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I really don’t feel like posting my story and then having it taken away, cause of the content guidelines. :roll_eyes:

If you use swear words you need to censor the word. e.g. b*tch

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Here are the guidelines so you can check things out

Anyway, Episode will notify you after they review your story and will give you some time to make the changes they deem necessary if something violates the guidelines

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Ah, okay, but I’m allowed to use swear words in general? The problem is that I’m going to publish the same story again in German and you can’t censor swear words there… :tired_face: :weary:

Well, u need to censor all cusses. However, if u have excessive threats like this ^ that’s excessive violence n ur story could get flagged. If so, episode will contact u abt changing certain stuff n then u’ll b fine. Idk what exactly’s in ur story but Ik that episode won’t just remove ur story, unless it’s rlly bad so I wouldn’t worry too much.

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I know the guidelines of Episode, but I just don’t know if these sentences don’t already violate them. :no_mouth:

And yes I know I’ll get time to fix this, but the girl I wrote to has fixed the errors and hasn’t received a reply in three days. Her story can no longer be found. :sweat:

Phew, that’s a relief. Thanks in any case! Okay, then I’ll just modify this thing and hope for the best. :blush: