Question about the kiss_dip animation

I’m working on the end of my story, and I have my MC (guy) and a love interest (girl) do the kiss_dip animations. However, I am seeing that the animations don’t look like they happen at the same speed. Am I doing something wrong? I don’t know if it’s the animations or if I didn’t spot direct them correctly (which I’m sure I did). I am leaving a screenshot below to show what’s happening that’s throwing me off.

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You have to do the behaviors at the same time.


@CHAR1 is behavior AND CHAR2 is behavior

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I did do them at the same time.

Then there shouldnt be an issue.
Can I see your script?

Here’s what I currently have for my script.


Maybe play around with the spotting.
I noticed that the characters placement was kind of off.

If push comes to shove, get rid of the spot and place LOVE1 on screen center and PLAYER on upscreen right

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I had no trouble when I trying out your script - so there doesn’t seem to be any wrong in your spot position - more than that I had a facing issue, but that was easy solved by adding a AND PLAYER faces left after the kiss animation. You could try doing that.

On the other hand, at a comparioson I did notice that your male character (PLAYER?) isn’t leaning back as much as mine does. Almost as if he’s doing another animation, or not following it the whole way throgh. :thinking:
Evreka - i looked over the script again, and I think I’ve found your problem-maker. It’s the &PLAYER is happy. that makes him reach his position after LOVE1. Remove it and everything should be dandy.
I didn’t take that into my scripts copy…

Is the image from the app or the web preview? Make sure to try it out in both places as they’re not completely synced.


The image is from the app. I tried what you suggested but the female is still finishing her kiss_dip_give_rear animation before the male can finish his kiss_dip_receive animation.

Sorry to hear that. I really hoped that would solve it. As I said mine works, so I was sure it was the & command that was the cause.
How does the script look above and after the part you put up here?


The rest of the script looks like this outside of the title screen and the ending screen. It’s really all I have for the episode at the moment.

Okay, thank you.

The only thing I see that can interfere is the & sign. Have you tried removing it? Or if you absolutely want it you can turn it into a @. What the & sign does it allowing one command to happen at the exact ime as another.
So when you put a & sign before the walk and kiss scene, it delays the next action of PLAYER a fraction.

You can also try adding a time on the walk commands and see what happens then.
@PLAYER walks to spot 1.280 166 0 in 3.0 AND LOVE1 walks to spot 1.280 115 0 in 3.0
(Put in the time you feel you need for it to look good)
If PLAYER is falling behind this will even it out as they will both reach their destinations at the same time no matter the delay.


I removed the ampersand and added the time, but the kiss_dip_give_rear is still finishing before the kiss_dip_receive.

curiouser and curiouser… :confused:
I take it you have the save result in both the if and else scenes?
Have you tried to copy past the scene into another chapter/story? See if you have the same result then.

I’m afraid I can’t think of anything else that might help/solve it. You could try spot directing the characters from the start, but it’s a long shot.
If I were you I’d post a support ticket.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


I see something. It might not work but it’s the only abnormality I see so far.
Change &PLAYER is idle_happy to @PLAYER is idle_happy

The command is right above the move to layer command.

I just filed a support ticket.

Let’s hope they can solve it.
Good luck.


Closing as a ticket has been submitted :v:t2: