Question about the new speech bubble

So I have a question about the new speech bubbles. Do you have start a new story in order to have the new feature or will it automatically be given to authors on episode? I acutely like the new speech bubbles and the color added to the narration but I have been told that I will only be allowed to receive it if I start a new story on episode? Is this true?

I don’t think that’s true. They’re still testing new speech bubbles and as they said they’ll be out for everyone in a few weeks.

Thanks for the information. I heard some authors got the chance to test it out through beta but I thought everyone was going to be given the chance to have the new speech bubbles than opposed to only a select few but the way the author made it seem, we would only be allowed to have the new speech bubbles if we started a new story so thanks for clearing things up for me because I was actually looking forward to trying the new feature.