Question about the web previewer


So I recently started writing on my iMac, usually I write on my laptop (which is not apple) but I can’t find it right now lol so I turned to my iMac computer. :tired_face:

Anyway, whenever I want to preview what I’ve done so far, it says it’s loading but it never works. On my laptop I never have a problem but on my iMac the previewer sucks! :angry:

Idk if this is to do with the whole conspiracy of “Oh, iMacs suck never use them for gaming” or whatever, maybe it’s true that iMacs can’t do ANYTHING lol but it’s so annoying. :roll_eyes:

Is there any way to fix this or is it just a problem for iMac episode writers in general? :persevere:

Thank youuuu


I having the same issue.
I always using the same computer to write my stories and now I can’t preview what I have so far.
It keeps saying error


Are you guys tried to use google chrome?


Ye I use google


I can’t get it the web previewer or Character Settings to work either…