Question about using the "becomes" command post-CC

This is something I’ve been worried about for a while, and have therefore been avoiding until now. I often see default/non-CCd characters appear in flashbacks, mirrors, etc. in stories, so I want to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes that lead to those events.

I know that using the “becomes” command right after a CC template is how you get a second character to match, but what if my story includes CC in every chapter? Should/can I add that command to every template? And is this command carried over from chapter to chapter?

Yes, you should have it after each CC. But keep in mind that the mistakes can be bc of the command being faulty sometimes. For some reason it doesn’t work of everyone :confused: I had an issue a while ago where I wanted to include the MC without make up - so I created an extra, “raw” MC which became MC. But some readers (most of them) saw the default character :thinking:

Yes you will need to add the becomes command after every time you add a cc template and allow readers to customize so that the 2nd character will match the customized character. And yes this code carries throughout your entire story.


If you made the rawMC become the main MC then the rawMC will no longer be “raw” as they took on the appearance of the main MC

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Yeah I know that. I made the readers choose a neutral lip color then. But most people saw the MC as I created her and not how they CCd her :confused: is there any solution for that. J. Miley had the same issue… I guess I could make the reader customize the extra MC to match her looks.

Did you change your character’s appearance in the portal and then publish your story? Because this exact thing happens when you have a customized character but then you change their features in the portal in the character creation, save, and then republish your story. This changes the character’s appearance in your story to whatever you changed it to.


Ooh, now that I think about it… I created the raw MC via Randomizer and then changed her to match the original MC. But put “@MC RAW becomes MC” in the script. Could that be the issue?

@Dara.Amarie Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Martini_98 I remember reading your post! You had MC RAW become MC, but then also had MC become MC RAW, right? Maybe that was the problem?

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Oh yea if that was the case then that would definitely be the problem.


I just usally do it before I use them.

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