Question about zooms

Alright so, I am making a story but when i view it on my tablet the characters heads are off the screen… i see that there is a button that says "Zoom fit: [All devices] can somebody explain? Does that actually make the story fit for all devices? Please lmk.

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Hi Marose,

In your director’s helper, you can turn on your guide box … I believe it’s the button below the button you mentioned.

When you click it, you’ll see a green square outlining a portion of the web previewer. Everything inside the green box is what those on a tablet will be able to see.

You’ll also see that the outer perimeter of the web previewer is in red. That is what those on a phone would see.

You can adjust your zooms and alter your directing to accommodate either phone, tablet, or both.


But, does zoom fit all device’s actuality work?