Question (AGAIN) ๐Ÿ™„

Iโ€™m trying to find out how to make my character look like sheโ€™s pushing her friend to another area. how is that done ?

Are you using limelight or ink? Iโ€™m not super familar with ink, but I can help with LL

If you want it to just look like a shove/fall into another area, use
&CHARACTER is shove_argument_give_angry
&CHARACTER2 walks to spot x y z AND CHARACTER2 does it while faint CHARACTER2 faces left/right

Or else you could use
&CHARACTER moves to layer 3
&CHARACTER2 moves to layer 2
&CHARACTER walks to spot x y z AND CHARACTER does it while walk_box_neutral_loop
&CHARACTER2 walks to spot x y z AND CHARACTER2 does it while idle
to make it look more like a continuous push (theyโ€™ll also look less angry)

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Iโ€™m using INK but thank you sm Iโ€™ll still try :two_hearts:

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Ah, then someone whoโ€™s more familiar with ink would def help more. I do think thereโ€™s a box carrying option in Ink?

If you use the leftmost directors box in your writers portal you can search the animations to see

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