Question! (animation)

Okay so I’ve seen in some stories that the animation the characters are doing are happening really fast like SUPER fast!

Does anyone know how to do that? If yes, can you please explain how? :grin:

Rb as fast as possible thanks!!!

You can use an ampersand ‘&’ to make actions happen faster. The ‘@‘ will make it so that that action has to occur before the script moves to the next line, but the ‘&’ allows the script to bypass that line and carry out the following lines while that action is taking place. It is good to use for making adjustments to overlays at the beginning of scenes to make sure there are no awkward pauses or making characters do a certain action while another character is talking. I hope this helped! :slight_smile:

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Like @Gabriellac said ^
Or you can do @pause for 0.5/0.3/0.2 etc

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