Question bc someone asked to review their story and I saw something a little questioning

So I reviewed this person’s story; it had a stepfather beating up the mother and I’m not sure if that’s allowed on episode. They gave readers a choice, but I’m not sure if abuse is even allowed whether the reader wants to read it or not.

Can someone tell me if this is against the guidelines or not?

Unless the guidelines changed, I’ve read a lot of stories with same content… some with no option to skip the scene.,and only read dialogue… I’m sure someone here will let you know though.

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Here are the changed guidelines! You can check them out by yourself.

  1. Assault, Violence & Torture:
  • a. No graphic / explicit / detailed descriptions of rape / assault / murder / torture / violence / gore / etc. This includes (but is not limited to): heavy or excessive use of blood or weapons or scars, use of dead bodies or body parts
  • b. No depiction of torture or parental abuse on screen

This is from the content guidelines, so yes I would say that falls under no parental abuse.

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