Question concerning the Point System

I know how to code and use the point system a little bit, but I need some help with something. I’ve seen in stories where based off the amount of points the MC character has depending on the choice they made, how do I show the effect of that choice? In other words, if a character gains a point or looses a point based off their reaction towards another character, how do I show that based off the amount of points they earned or loose? Sorry, if I am terrible at explaining what I mean.

No. I have this scene where the MC makes a choice about their thoughts about another character. In one choice, the MC speaks highly of the other character; therefore the MC gains 2 points. In the other choice, the MC somewhat insults the other character; therefore the MC looses 2 points. I know that I have to use the if/elif/else coding for this issue, but how would I show the outcome and reaction of the other character based off whether the MC gains or looses points in their reaction towards the other character?

Yeah, that’s what I mean.

I just don’t know how to show the outcome of the choice though.

This should help.

I watched this video a couple of times. It did help me when I first learning the point system, but it didn’t help me with the situation I am in at the moment.

Later on in the story or right away?

Right away.

Is that the only choice in which they have earned points? Then it would be like this:

Outcome if they have two points
} else{
Outcome if they don’t have two points

You can change the ‘=’ to following things:
This > means greater than. So CHARACTER > 2 would be the character got over two points.
= means if they have that exact ammount. So CHARACTER = 2 would be, this character has exactly two points, not less and not more.
< means less than. So CHARACTER < 2 would mean the character does NOT have two or more points.

That isn’t the only choice that they’ll earn points for.

I found this post by Dara Amarie, you should read through it, she is absolutely great at explaining:

If it happens immediately, just add the reaction inside each choice. You don’t need to use the if/else.

“MC speaks highly” {
-character reacts positively-

} “MC insults character” {
-character reacts negatively-

Oh okay. Thank you.

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