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okay i have a question- how do i have a character enter from a certain zone? i thought try: @character enters from zone 3 i feel like this is wrong so can anyone help pls?

I can help!
The Betsy thing to do would be to spot your characters first, rather than the standard @charactrs stands upscreen left or right. So once you position them where you like (eg &character spot 1.000 19 236 in zone 3) you can easily have them walk from either direction into that zone. It would go something like @character walks to spot 1.000 19 236 in zone 2 in 2. Similarly, if you wanted them to enter from the left, you’d spot them in zone 1 to begin them, and if you were using a background with just one zone and wanted them to some from the left, it would be the same but positioned as a negative number eg @character spot 1.000 -19 236 (or again from the right place them in zone 3)

However, if you were doing it using the standard spotting, place them &character stands upscreen right in zone 3 first, then use @character enters from right to screen right (just let me double check this). :slight_smile:

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Try this introduction from the comments section:
Can someone give me an intro on having characters entering and exiting? :slight_smile:

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