so i’m thinking about taking commissions but i’ve never done anything of the sort before so, needless to say, i have lots of questions–one of them about taxes

i don’t plan to rely on art commissions as a source of livable income, i just want to make some extra money to spend on fun stuff (shopping duh). but i’ve been researching more about taking commissions and have seen some websites say that any income made as an artist is taxable and must be reported to the IRS (i live in the US). i also read something about a $600 rule? anyhow it’s all very confusing and i wanted to hear from other episode artists to see what they do for taxes (if they do anything at all, since not everyone even considers art as a small business but more so a hobby)

so please let me knowwwww because i don’t want to be fined for not reporting money made but i also don’t know that i even need to

So I’m not in the US, I’m from Canada but I can say that here if you run a small business or sell things and receive money from them (you get what I mean right😅), once you make over 30k you have to start charging sales tax. But any income in general that you make will be taxed and you will have to claim it on your taxes (this is my understanding at least). This case would be considered self-employment income.

Obviously it will be different for the US, but it definitely is something to research more as if you forget to charge/claim it can come to bite you in the butt…even several years later.

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aaaa i knowwww that’s my biggest reservation about starting commissions. a lot of the websites i looked up said basically the same thing, so i’m sure it’s not too different from canada here

thanks for your help!!!

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