Question for Readers :3

I prefer CC because I like to make myself (that sounds narcissistic as fudge but yeah), but if the plotline and directing is good, I’ll give you all of my passes and gems.

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I find that most fellow authors who also read don’t care about CC. It can be an important part of the story, and gives you more freedom when it comes to directing. I personally don’t care about CC.

I did limited CC in my first story, and got so many messages about it I eventually gave in and added full CC because it was annoying and frustrating reading endless messages about it.

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Will do that!

I like CC bc there are some feautures that bother me, but if there is none that’s totally fine!

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i’ve decided to add cc just in case some people don’t feel comfortable with how envision my characters, but it will be extremely recommended to keep the original characters since they have cultural impact :0 thank u for replying to me :blob_hearts: