Question for the English episode readers

I have a question for any U.K. episode readers. I’m doing a story based on the royal family. I’m changing names and making the likenesses very similar.

The story is basically about Harry and Megan many years into the future and their children. One day the queen passes away but before passing away she writes a secret will stating that instead of Prince Charles getting the throne, it will instead go to one or Harry & Megan’s children instead. I want to involve like parliament in deciding on whether or not they obey the queen’s wishes but idk how they would go about that.

Does this seem like a likely scenario? If so would Parliament have a role and what do you think their decision would be given the situation?


I think this isn’t a likely scenario to be honest. And if Charles were to skip the throne, it would go to William and Kate instead. Also, Harry and Meghan have absolutely no desire to take the throne as far as I know.

I also believe that the Episode guidelines do not allow you to write about real people. If you want to write this story, your characters can be inspired by the royal family, but they cannot be linked in any way. If you make them up, it also doesn’t matter whether your idea is likely to happen, as it plays in an alternative universe anyway. :slight_smile:


I would suggest you to drop it been England and make your own country. Then you dont have to live up to what is expectwd of it. And Can do what you want


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Thanks for the feedback, I think I’ll do that instead :slight_smile:

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