Question for the writers

Not sure if someone made a thread about this but I have some questions for the writers on Episode.

  1. What do you like about writing stories on Episode?
  2. What do you dislike about writing stories on Episode?

I like how on Episode you can make the characters act how you see in your head like a mini movie, because in books its hard to do that.

I dislike that…I don’t know actually…ummmmmm…there might not be clothes to fit your story or character, the hair might be off, or no animations like you see in your mind??


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My bad!!


1. What do you like about writing stories on Episode?..

Being able to set free my own creativity and my own ideas😁 , is very important to me.

2. What do you dislike about writing stories on Episode? ?

I do not know exactly :thinking:, maybe, that it was complicated to write his story, like … At the beginning, when I wrote my story, I had problems to make several choices about the clothes, I know I’m stupid lol :joy:

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  • What do you like about writing stories on Episode?
    Really seeing how my characters can be brought to life with animations! seeing the overlays work so perfectly afther 2 or 3 hours coding (which feel to me like 10 minutes)
  • What do you dislike about writing stories on Episode?
    that I have to make a new outfit for ever single change ! I need to make seprate outfits for my muslim character and let me tell you that clothing protal of mine isn’t fast ! in fact it always lags! I swear it’s my least favorite thing! it’s so annoying that by the end I lose all my inspiration for the day… it’s just bad…

I love to code, and I love to write. So, this is perfect for me.

I find I doubt my own ideas and procrastinate too much to write my own episode. I spend more time helping others. At this rate, I don’t think I’ll ever get my own one out. XD

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I love everything about writing
I just dislike how long it can take lol

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I like how everything is made into a kind of “series” because the characters move around and there are overlays to make it even more realistic/better. Is like you’re scripting your own tv series.

Can’t use backgrounds, which doesn’t make the story unique

I like how there’s so much freedom to do anything you want, it’s better than writing a book because you can use visual displays to really tell your story.

I don’t like how they have limited art and animations. Like I understand how they can’t have everything, but there are limited art resources where you can’t do everything you want to.

1. What do you like about writing stories on Episode?
I find writing on Episode very enjoyable as it brings my imagination and creativity to life. Episode is an escape from reality for me, being busy in real life, then at the end of the day I can just sit down, relax and write! Same with reading stories as well.

2. What do you dislike about writing stories on Episode?
Waiting for approval times, LOL. I think this is the factor I hate the most. Especially when there are contests in play, it takes over a week for something to be approved. It gets really irritating when you wait that long and your BG/Overlay/Cover gets rejected! The longest I’ve waited for something to be approved was 3 weeks. I couldn’t wait any longer to publish my story so I published it cover-less. I felt so naked, lmao.

  • I love the visual storytelling aspect and being able to provide choices and branching paths.
  • One thing I thrive on is the positive feedback and support in this community as well.
  • I find I really enjoy learning the coding system, troubleshooting problems, and increasing my directing skill level as I continue to learn.
  • Episode is an awesome creative outlet and I just simply find joy in creating my tales for this platform.
  • The censoring of language and sexually explicit scenes
  • Dealing with portal glitches
  • The wait time for background approvals
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Being able to turn your story into a visual that plays it out better than simply using words could do.

Not always having the perfect way to showcase what you want to show
The script writing being very complex