Question for vip players

Just a quick question for those who have bought vip, do you get unlimited reading on all books or just episode originals? My friends recently bought vip for the first time, and she has free reading on all stories, I thought this could just be due to her first time having it, but then I realised the first time I had it, I didn’t get pass free reading on all stories. So, do you have pass free reading on all stories?

Follow up question, do you guys have a continue reading shelf? My two friends do, but I only have a favourites shelf.

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I don’t have episode vip but to answer your second question, yes I do.
Very normally it glitches for it just to be featured stories only for the categories of favourites and continue reading, but then the community stories pop up.

Are you sure you’ve checked through the page? And question, what device do you read on? I read on tablet. I’ve also checked on my phone and i still do have the category

I read on tablet and phone, and neither of them have it :sob:

Thank you for your reply though!

which vip did u buy?

I only had one option, is there multiple?

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yes sapphire and amethyst

sapphire u only get vip for gem stories.
amethyst u get it on all stories

I would have suggest finding a community story and clicking it top right it will say something abt vip click it

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see u bought the one where u get free reading on official stories

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I didn’t even know there was an option, it only gave me that one choice :sob:

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yeahh it only promotes that one on the main page which is why u have to click a story for both options

Oh, thank you so much for letting me know!

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I didn’t even realise that either.

Here’s where to find it btw!
I’m almost offended at how they only promote the official one… like literally they’re trying to hide the community one
Okay tbh the one you have is better than the community one but I don’t know anyone who reads episodes official stories for anything other than the gems…


I guess it depends because when I go into the offer page and click on vip to buy I get this


Thank you show showing me this!!!

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No problem!

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I only see sapphire, even when I click on a story. Is there another way to see amethyst?


When I click a story, it doesn’t show any VIP thing?

Do u have this?