Question for writers!

I had no idea in which category to put my question.

So, I’m a new writer on episode and I wanted to know how to have readers.
How you did you start? If ever my nine readers read my question, give me feedback plz!!

My story is called “mess up” and my username is “some.girl”

It’s a story about a 17 years girl…She lived horrible things. She wants to starts from scratch in a new school.
What could possibly go wrong with her ex, a school’s jerk and a celebrity?

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To have readers read your story, keep on sharing your story, and ask for read for reads.

What do you mean by “How did you start?” you mean gaining reads?

Read for read? What’s this? And yes.

A read for read is just asking someone to read your story, and you will read their story in return.

Thx, I’m gonna do that!:slight_smile:

np. Make sure to send pictures to the author to let them know that you read their story to show proof. They will always want to see or ask for screenshots.

Hey @alexe.episode

Welcome to Episode. I’m gonna drop down some things tips I’ve discovered on how to get reads, plus I’ll tell you how I started too. Lol

So first of all, Episode made their own guide with some tips. Have you checked this out?

I also find things like following people on the app or sending other people fanmail helps you get reads because people are usually grateful for this and will check out your story as a way of saying thanks.

The forums is also a really great place to promote your story. You don’t even have to do R4Rs, you can simply share your link so people have access to it easier. I even put mine on my profile so if people ever try to stalk me, they can find it there easily.

Making friends here is another awesome way to boost your reads. I’m very lucky that I’ve made friends with the type of people who will share my story for me. People always find it more genuine when you’re recommending other people’s stories, so if you can befriend the right people, this can be really helpful…

I also think getting reviews on your story is something that can also help you get reads. Either people will read the review and know more about your story so they’ll check it out OR you’ll learn what needs to be fixed to make your story more intriguing to potential readers.

Now for my own experiences…
When I published my first story, I had no form of social media or way to promote my story. It was just on the app and it existed and I updated whenever I felt like it and I think I had about 10 or 11 episodes with around 60 reads… Then I found forums, and started entering contests because I saw that as a way for more people to find my profile and check out my other stories and such (which I guess is true). From the minimal amount of promotion I did on forums, the reads eventually started trickling in and my first story eventually made it to about 600 reads. I found that once I officially completed though, my reads started sky rocketing. I think this was because once you prove to readers you’re capable of seeing a story though to the end, you gain their trust a bit more so that’s why they’ll read it once it’s completed.
I’m also pretty sure I got a lot of my reads from the fact that I have a review thread. I’m pretty sure people check out my stories to make sure I know what I’m talking about since they wouldn’t want a review from someone if they didn’t like their story.

Anyway, hope somewhere in this ramble, you found something helpful :grinning:


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