Question: How do Gems supports work?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place!
I’ve seen stories at the end that say, “Would you like to support me?” And then, they’ll put a gem choice saying yes. If people are generous enough to push the button, would the author get gems?
I’m asking this because, I’m thinking about using it in my story.

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No the author doesn’t get gems, but it does count towards their gem choice clicks. If an author gets enough they can qualify for writer payments.


Oh, I thought when the reader pays gems in your story, those gems go into your counter/Episode account.

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Nope, I feel the way they work now is far more valuable. Here’s a run down of how the gem options work and their benefits.

What you may be looking for is under For Authors

if you look at the rules that is not how it shall work. a gem choice is suppouse to give you an extra experince. and if you see them ask for gems with out offering something. well it dosent say they cant do it so dont know if you should report it but you should not support it

Ok thanks

@Sydney_H Can you close this?

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if you wanna read about it you can here. though its more about how to make a good gem choice

edit I just seen it dosent go to the page about gems. but just the guide lines. but you can click on gem choices to find it

Closed by OP request. :smiley: