Question : Need Help Creating Mini Game

Idk if anybody can help but I was wondering how do you go about creating like a mini phone game like the tappable overlay “press here to unlock phone” then you have the phone unlocking and then the apps and then I want the reader to be able to click a button to access a certain app like messaging or phone calls or epigram but mainly messaging then I want to have text between the two characters and whoever the text is between the characters contact at the top and then when they are done talking I want another button for the reader as in “end conversation” or “end messaging” does anybody know how I would go about doing this or any spot or script templates ? And how I would go about accessing the backgrounds being a first time writer in this year is so different compared to 2016 if anybody could help I would happily appreciate it and I’m open to any advice :two_hearts:

  1. Make the overlays and the background you want, you will need one overlay for each app icon and option (or ask someone else to make them, but be very specific about what you want)
  2. Make sure that the overlay is sized correctly before you upload it- if you change the size of an overlay, you won’t be able to make it tappable
  3. Wait for your overlays to be approved
  4. Put labels in your script so that when the reader taps certain things, they will go to the screen that you want them to see

If you need any more guidance, feel free to ask!