Question on Episode Style

So to give you some background I started a story in October of 2017. I forgot all about it and recently I remembered it and went back to continue it. I’m almost done with the first episode but I’m worried about the fact that I used the classic episode style.

When I created it Spotlight wasn’t out yet so there was only Classic and Ink. Even now Spotlight is out Classic is my favorite because it feels so nostalgic and cool. What I’m worried about is once I get my story out no ones going to read it because it’s Classic. So my two questions are: 1) Should I make a new story with the Spotlight style (I luckily don’t have a ton done so it wouldn’t be that much of a hassle) And, 2) Would you personally read a classic still?


Personally I would read an ink style cuz in limelight style it’s not very good well for me we all have opinions

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I would read it even though it’s in classic. It’s not about the style of the story, it’s about how epic and interesting the storyline is.


Well, with some spot directing and a code, it’s possible to continue the same cinematic story but utilize spotlight feature at the same time. The code to use in your script is:

set format spotlight

It will work for all styles - Classic included. There is no official option to make your story Spotlight when selecting the Classic option, so this is the only way to make a Classic Spotlight.

Yep, of course. I would. I still do. I always will. In fact, it’s my favorite top style out of all of them. I’m not going to dismiss a story because of what style/tool was used to tell a story. The story’s plot itself, along with the characters development and the writing blow the art style out of the water in terms of importance, in my opinion.

Trends come, and trends go. Sure, Ink and Limelight are more mainstream styles. However, just because everyone else is doing something, doesn’t mean that you have to do it as well.

Remember, the style of your story does not change or affect the quality and creativity of your writing. You are capable of what you can do and more based on your skills, motivation, effort, and mindset. If someone wishes to abandon and miss out on possibly a great story because they don’t like the art style, then it is simply their loss. Not yours.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, the decision is yours whether you want to change the style due to your concerns. And they are very understandable concerns. But I don’t think you should feel pressured. I get where you’re coming from. Personally, I have never written here before, but if I did, I can tell you that I wouldn’t strive for an audience who would judge my story based on the tools I used to write it in. I would build an audience of readers who want to read my story for the story itself. Small or large numbers, I wouldn’t care. Not everything is about numbers/reads. That’s me though. :man_shrugging:

After all, one’s trash is another’s treasure, right?