Question on point system again

Hello Everyone Its me again…
Im getting the hang of this point system pretty well, not to toot my own horn or anything :smirk: But Im now stuck.... again I have a guide on the point system and I have created a Excel spreadsheet for my points. But I need someones help
So there has bee two choices where you can gain points so far
and on the second time it was
the same again, However when I do a If (MC=0) and do something like this -1 point from the first choice and one point from the second choice equals 0, but so does 2 points from the first choice and then the second choice -2
they both equal =0 and I want the reader to see different things for whatever points they have got, I`m I doing it wrong? I don’t know what to do? Should I be doing this is a different combination?
Please help me…

OK I am really not expert in this so it might be different and maybe I dod not got the question right. :D.
But I believed the point system works so that it always counts together with the points so both the one who had
-2 +2

have at the end 0 points and conditions based on points do not look what you have chosen before it just makes options based on the number of points altogether in the moment of choice

If you want that every answer has its own ending I guess it will need gains and not a point system.

But as I say I a not expert so I might be wrong.

@amberose might maybe help you?

It depends on how many outcomes you’re planning to do. If you want a different outcome for every possible character score-
scene here
scene here
} and so on

Or if you want different outcomes if they score less than 0,0 or higher-
scene here
scene here
scene here for scores more than 0

Hope that helps a little :woman_shrugging:t2:

I have done it before on a point system where it remembers what the previous choice was and then calculates all the different points and comes with different outcomes.
I don’t mind doing multiple different scene for loads of different points.
It toke me ages last time to get the hang of it. But this is the reason I decided to do a point option to push myself.
But I don’t understand if both the two previous choices ends up with the score of 0 the two previous choices are different. Should I be doing them in a different number?
For example
MC loves someone +1 point
Second choice
MC hates someone -1 point
This would equal 0

But if the MC in the first choice picked another option and the reader gets
MC loves someone and tells them +2 points
Mc hates someone and slaps them -2 points
This would equal 0 as well
Should I be putting different point numbers in choice 2? Or I am missing something?

bump!!! Some help me!

Queston is what you want that it does.

If you have only one kind of points lets say @POVER in both options it will count them together (that is what are points for) so yes the 2readers with - 2+2,-1+1 wil both end up with same point number 0.

If this is not what you want you can have two point system each for each choice

then it will not count the points from the choices together and you can make any posible combination from both choices.

The same how ever you can acheave using gains or naming the choice.

Ok so lets say that reader
@pover got in choice one 2+
@pover in choice two got -2

and then
@INTELIGENCE got in choice one +1
@INTELIGENCE got in choice one -1
but what happens in these choices are complety different to what happened in @POVER choices
When I do the combination below
if (POVER=0){
I need this to happen but its not because both the points for the previous two choices before has got each reader 0 points its going to be
if (POVER=0){

IDK im so confussed. Maybe im being really silly, But please help me Farah x

Problem is I am realy not sure it I get what result you want… So I am sorry if I do not answer your question right.

With the 2point system I ment it so that


Reader can gain depending on choice

and in scond choice he Can gain

So you can have any possible combination and write for each different branch

P4 I4
P4 I3
P4 I2
P4 I1
P3 I4
P3 I3


But again I am not sure if this is what you want to happen…

I think I understand what you mean only use plus options.
However there 2 choices
reader 1
reader 2

reader 1 comes to choice 1 and picks A
reader 2 comes to choice 1 and picks option C
these together equal= H

reader 1 comes to choice 2 and picks B
reader 2 comes to choice 2 and picks option D
these together equal= H

When it gets to the next part

I put
if (READER 1 =H){
this choice will talk about what happened in option A and option C}

and then I put
if (READER 2 =H){
this choice will talk about what happened in option B and option D}

I now have a problem because both scenario =H but they are different point amounts
A, C
B, D

So this is my problem
I reality I have used points
But when we add them together or taking them away it then gives the
IF scenario I`m I doing something wrong??

No no you are missing the point :blush: it is not about +or - it is about that I DO NOT count the points together.

Forget the points for moment and let’s talk about what the result should be.

You give reader 2 choices both having 4 posibilities right?

And you want at the end to have 16 different outcomes based on all possible combinations of the choices. Right?

If so the point system doesn’t make much sence to use it (even it is possible) because


You just need nested choice which will in general say…
If the reader in choice 1 got A and in choice 2 got C… This should happen.

In my opinion the easiest way to do this is per gains and not per points.

Let’s say in 1choice reader gained one of these options


And in second choice he gained


THE CODE WILL LOOK SOMETHING LIKE THIS - the red is the main choice if/elif/else …and the black are the nested choices “under” the main choice…hope the color will help to understand it

if (C1_1){

if (C2_1){
#here goes what hapens in combination C1_1 C2_2
elif (C2_2){
#here goes what happens in combination C1_1 C2_2
elif (C2_3){
#here goes what hapoens in combination C1_1 C2_3
#here goes what hapoens in combination C1_1 C2_4

elif (C1_2){

if (C2_1){
#here goes what hapens in combination C1_2 C2_2
elif (C2_2){
#here goes what happens in combination C1_2 C2_2
elif (C2_3){
#here goes what hapoens in combination C1_2 C2_3
#here goes what hapoens in combination C1_2 C2_4

elif (C1_3){

if (C2_1){
#here goes what hapens in combination C1_3 C2_2
elif (C2_2){
#here goes what happens in combination C1_3 C2_2
elif (C2_3){
#here goes what hapoens in combination C1_3 C2_3
#here goes what hapoens in combination C1_3 C2_4


if (C2_1){
#here goes what hapens in combination C1_4 C2_2
elif (C2_2){
#here goes what happens in combination C1_4 C2_2
elif (C2_3){
#here goes what hapoens in combination C1_4 C2_3
#here goes what hapoens in combination C1_4 C2_4


Sorry I wrote this in phone so there might be typos but I hope you get the general idea

Ok I think I see after having some thinking time.
So when I do a choice on a point system I put for example
C2 +1 or whatever
And so on and so fourth.
But if somewhere down the line I want to relate to the previous choice they have chosen I dont calcalute them up and I dont put
This is the wrong format
I put

So many next question is can we a choice that remember to sets of choices that reader has put?
I know about remembering choices but i thought if we do
It calculates the points previously and gives you a outcome?
I know as you said before there would be like 16 different outcomes, but I was prepared to do this.

And then I have another question as well
So when you add on up all the points at the end of your story and it’s gives you different outcomes how do you do this if I’m doing it wrong now? I thought this was what I was doing but for much earlier in the story?

I’m sorry its taking me so long to understand, it does sometimes and I appreciate your kindness in helping me sort this out :heart:

if you use points with the same name, for example, @POWER +1 in both choices it will count them together automatically you cant avoid this - that is the reason why are points not good for this if you want 16 outcomes and that was the reason I was suggesting to use gains.

But you are stubborn. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: , so if you insist on point system - use in choice 1 one point system and in choice 2 another so it will not count them together…

so the reader will, for example,

but he never!!! gets +1 POWER and + 3POWER (because this will count them together and you will not get the 16 different alternatives.

Um…I do not understand what you are asking me… :thinking:

I start to be a bit lost… what you need is to not let the system calculate anything - that is the only possibility to get the 16 outcomes you want.

UM…OK, I think I have to more deeply explain the point system and for what is good for.

Point system is best in case you give many choices and need them to matter but NOT EACH of the choices but in general!

The best example is you have your MC dating 2 boys and based on 9 different choices reader could gain up to 9 points with ADAM or DAVID.

So you do not need to remember if reader decided in 1 choice to date Adam od David, nor in 2 choice to call Adam od David…each this action got a point and the system cumulates them automaticly…you do not need to count anything.

But now is the grand finale and lets say you want 3 outcomes…be with Adam be with David or be with nobody based on the points

So you can make condition if/elif else - in meaning if the reader has more than 7 points with Adam - marry Adam, if more than 7 points with David marry David, else stay just friends with both.

Or you can use it for special scenes…the special scene unlocks only if reader has more than X points…

if you do not want this… then using point system is kinda … pointless :smiley:

There are other more efficient and simple ways how to remember choices and use them later anywhere in the story…

for example, if you give reader pick up food and drink from 4 options and later you want the waitress to say sir here is your pizza and cola or whatever the reader has chosen is best to use gains. …which is basicl the same example as I have described in the template above = the same thing you want.

For what you want to do (I think I understand) I would use gains for each choice so you can refer directly to the choice the reader has picked. Rather than a generic score, like you say, outcomes of choice 1 and 2 may have a different outcome to the other options in choice 1 and 2 … point system is extremely handy in some situations but for this I think it’s a little complicated.

The way how to get different outcomes is in principle the same you also use if/elif/else…what is important is that in point system (if you use only one kind of points) COUNTS THE POINT TOGETHER FROM ALL THE CHOICES YU USED THE POINT SYSTEM

The point is - in point system (if you use one type of points) it is hard to avoid that people with different choices end up with the same amount of points …that is what points are about and usually if you use point in way I described you do not care about what he has chosen to get 5 points, you only care he got them…

But if you want it to matter in every single choice using gains is the best way… gains it will never happen different choice have same result - if that is what you need.

So in each different outcomes I want the character to remember what option you picked in choice 1 and also in choice 3 each option will talk about two different choices you picked in choice 1 and choice 3
I want to have a point system but I also want the characters to remember what you picked previously in different choices on both choices.
I know about a single choice and remembering it.
But this is a double choice.
How does this work?

OK…lets stay on my example with ADAM and DAVID.

I need there point system because at the end I want that 3 endings I described.

But I also want to remember 2 of the 9 choices because MC will later tell her firend.

So lets say

  1. Choice 1 is - go on date with ADAM or DAVID
  2. Choice 2 is - go to cinema with ADAM or DAVID

And I want my MC to tell later her friend something like …Oh, I went yesterday to date with Adam and today I am going to cinema with David…so I need the script also to remember this choices

I would do it so that to the choices I would ad both points and gains.

Whylie talking to firiend I would use the gains, and on the end story I would use points as described above.

And the remembering double choice and than using the double choice…uh…I wrote you the complete template for it - with the red brackets :smiley: That is how it works.

So as you can see
The choice molly murder is in chapter 1
And the choice MARIAH chores is in chapter 2
She is talking to a theroipst in chapter 3
Molly murder choice has 4 options
I want to remember the one option the reader chooses
And MARIAH chores has 4 options I also want the system to remember the option the reader has choose
In chapter 3 she is talking to a theroipst about and this is where I’m at.
So now I need to do points and gains?
But the ones about is not points its if/elif/elif/else
Do you mean i need to do this but with gain on MARIAH chores?

do you need the points actually for something?

So overall I want my story to be on a point system.
But do I need to use if/elif/elif/else
I want it to remember 2 different choices so the theroipst can talk about it

iI would do it so that in the choice in chapter 1 and 2 I would ad gains to the choices

and then you can use them to make the discussion with the terapist using the if/elif/else (with gains from the 2 choices) - in the template I wrote you