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Hi I have been debating wether to start an Instagram outfit Account but I already have 2 accounts on it. 1 one for art and another one for tutorials so I don’t know and its outfit ideas for episode stories

  • Its a good Idea
  • Not a good idea

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Thanks for voting I really needed it and I also need a volunteer to help me


I can help ya!


Thats great !
Ok Mimi took 1 spot


what is an outfit account?


Its where you give outfit ideas for people’s stories for example if someone wants a beach themed outfit you give them a swimsuit outfit combined with othe rlimelight or Ink clothes etc


oh thats pretty cool. i’ll help, idk how good ill be but ill help lol :slight_smile:


Thanks I will pm you and Mimi


good deal :smiley:


Id love to help!!


I’ll help too!