Question Regarding Animation

Hey all! Hope everyone are doing great…Anyway coming to the point,

Since ink will not be getting anymore updates(though I do wish they did), I have decided to create animations for my ink story through limelight animations.

Here’s how I intend to…

This will be done by making the specific Limelight animation into a GIF and later split the GIF into still images. Then edit it with the ink style and lastly make it as a moving character overlay in my story. Hope this makes sense :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Now to the question…

Will episode allow it? I mean I am kind of copying the entire animation from a different style to another style…hence, I needed to clarify with you guys.

Not sure whether it will come as smoothly as the original animation but it’s worth a try :sweat_smile:

(Btw, I am writing an ink story if you didn’t realized it)


I don’t have a constructive reply, but am super impressed with your dedication :metal:t2::raised_hands:t3::blush:

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Tysm :star_struck: :blush:

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