Question regarding race


So I’m doing a story about vampires but the different types are separated by skin color

I’m a person of color so in my opinion it’s not offensive, but other people might think otherwise.


i dont think this is offensive since vampies are normally pale and i personally would like to see vampies of different races. i am also a person of colour.




Ayeeeeee I’m also a person of color and think this is a bomb great idea! I love diversity in a story.


Vampires don’t always have to be pale. Maybe you can make vampires different from humans by eye color, something like that. If you watched The Originals or The Vampire Diaries, vampires are portrayed as appearing human and they are not necessarily pale.So I don’t think race will be an issue. Because they happen to have POC as vampires in the show


I don’t see it offensive and I’m a person of color!


Like @ViviOfficially said, you can still have them be coloured. Just make the eye colour different. I can’t say whether it would be offensive or not sinceI’m white, but I think it would be cool to have diverse vampires instead of the cliche pale.