Question that i use the know


When you have an overlay off blush, a black eye ore wathever you need to put the overlay besides the background like ex
INT. BACKGROUND - DAY with Overlay x
But then the overlay is showing the whole time, ho do you do that when you just want that overlay at an exact moment only?


Maybe changing opacity of overlay🤔


Underneath INT. BACKGROUND - DAY with overlay x put this
&overlay OVERLAY X opacity 0 in 0

Then when you want it to show up later in the scene, just do:

@overlay OVERLAY X opacity 1 in T

#Note: T is the amount of time :slight_smile:


thank you dear xxx


You don’t have to put the overlay with the background if you are not gonna use it yet you can add the overlay during a scene if you want


And ho do you do that?


you have to use the create command which you can find how to do that here A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS