QUESTION: to all the people who make cover art, overlays,etc

How do you do it? And how did you learn? I kinda wanna start making my own art but idk how to. Are there youtube channels out there that you’ve watched?


I use my Wacom Tablet (Wacom Intuos S to be exact), I have been an artist since I was eight years old so alot of practice can do it.
The programs I use for my art is paint tool SAI, in my opinion I find paint tool SAI easier to maintain and perfect for ANYONE who’s starting to draw digital art on their computers! :-p
If you want to the free FULL download of paint tool SAI, I recommend you watching this video:
If you need any tips using Paint Tool Sai, I recommend you watching this video!:

Now if you want to start drawing digital art on phone or your ipad, I recommend these art programs that I find simple or easy to maintain with ALOT of brushes too <3

  • ibis paint X
  • SketchBook
  • Medibang paint
  • Adobe Photoshop Sketch

A reminder; before you start drawing your art cover that you will use for your BACKGROUND not OVERLAY make sure it’s 2000x2000 or atleast 1136x640!!

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oh ok thanks!

If you’re just starting out, Colors by Picsart really helped me a lot cause it was super simple and easy to use. Then you can probably move on to more complex art programs. That’s what i did at least. Watching Youtube tutorials help a lot as well

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if you dont mind me asking… what youtube channels were most helpful?

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NFJDFSLDFSDK;jfLJ so uh i started taking art ‘seriously’ and like trying to do line art and shading and actually coloring my pieces like 3 months ago.

I started off with Color Pics Art, which I personally wouldn’t recommend cause the app is TERRIBLE. It’s so slow, and literally the brushes suck and have no variety, they also don’t save all of ur custom colors once you close out the app :((

I would most DEF recommend Ibis Paint X. Personally, its what i use, the app is fast, the brushes are amazing, it saves ur custom colors that you choose from its color wheel. And overall I really love it and it improved my art so much!!

I draw in INK and LL, so i started learning how to draw in Ink & LL by tracing them. Getting to learn the style is the first thing, then once I knew how to draw different eye shapes and stuff like that, I started putting my own twist on it. But when I’m not drawing LL and INK requests, I’ve been trying to learn my own style !! There are sooooooo many YouTube videos on how to find YOUR art style, and I think that they really helped me !! I think that it’s good to be influenced by others, but just plain trying to become there art style is a whole different story. Who are you? Don’t do the same thing that they do, cause i’ve already seen that. What makes you different?

I loveeeee watching LavenderTowne on youtube, not only is her art amazing, she has a YT tutorial on how to find ur art style, and her voice is superrrr soft which makes it amazing to work too !! I used to love DrawingWifiWaffles, her channel is called something like that, but I stopped watching her because I realized that I was just trying to plain copy her style. HER ART IS GORG THO TO ME!!!

There was a really good YouTube tutorial on how to draw realistic faces that also really helped me with drawing !! I think it was called Zyra Banez??

i would reallyyyyyyyy love it if you could PM me if you have any other questions cause i love helping out artists !!

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THANKS!!! this is so helpful!!

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my pleasure :tipping_hand_woman:t2:.


When I started I had gotten an ipad for my birthday and used ibis paint x.
How I found my style was trying to recreate a similar style to some popular Instagram episode artists and I quickly fell into my own style and way of doing things.
I watch YouTube tutorials mainly by Art with Flo as I find her tutorials helpful and partly inspiring.
2 months after using ibis I discovered procreate and used all my savings to by a new ipad that procreate could run on.

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