Question to the LGBTQ community


If you have a story that has 2 lesbians in it, is it okay to put in the description LGBTQ+ friendly? idk if that makes sense but yeah.


It depends, are they main characters?




I’m not a part of the community but my friends for sure would like that bc there are some stories that are rude about it.


the MC & the love interest will be :slight_smile:


thank you for your input!


If the MC & the love interest are, then yes.


thanks! :smiley:


No problem! ^^


I’d say it’s ok, but don’t forget a lot of people struggle to fit in their story description within the character limit, so I’d leave it out if it means you won’t fit a good summary of your story there


I was gonna just include it in the title, is that fine? :grimacing:


Well, that’s up to you then. Smart way to avoid the character limit though


thank you for your input!


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