Question: What hairstyles do you consider to be only for POC?

Back on topic, I think all people should be bald. That way, there’s no poc hair

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Thats a solution… but people will still be offended

I actually like emo hair. Unfortunately, I can’t do bangs with my hair.

I saw a white girl complaining about her hair falling out after wearing dreads :upside_down_face: like girl, you deserve it


Yeah, that’ll happen

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As a POC I believe that this all revolves around culture appropriation. To start off everything to do with embracing another culture that’s all culture appropriation. All cultural appreciation is culture appropriation. But in a positive light. But how do draw the line between negative and positive appropriation. It’s simple if you respect the people and culture you are appropriating from. That includes being an ally of their community, not being racist and not discriminating against them nor feeding into harmful stereotypes concerning the group.

Afro-centric Hair although it is a deep rooted thing in black culture at the end of the day, they are genes, and as said many times no one owns genes. Just like how a white person can be born with type 4 hair a black person can be born with straight hair.

Genes cannot be culturally appropriated. If you born with hair that’s just it.

Box braids and non-black characters do not go together unless they are openly showing their support for its origin and it’s people, otherwise it’ll be seen as negative cultural appropriation.

Here is an example of negative cultural appropriation:

See the girls profile picture. She happily enjoys the culture of box braids but obviously she isn’t a black ally.


Unless we’re seeing these non black mcs show their support for the black community in the story, then obviously we cannot view the appropriation positively. So yeah anyone can wear braids but you must show you’re support for the community too.


Thanks for your explanation! It’s super helpful for me to consider while creating characters! I wouldn’t have a non POC character wearing any of the Afro, box braid, or dreads styles, I was just wondering about the loose curly hairs because some people were saying that they shouldn’t be used on white characters and I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t hurting or offending anyone by using those hairs on my non POC characters😊

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lol i get that all the time tho im latina

If it’s the loose curls you can use then, more so white characters have a higher possibility of naturally occurring slow curls than type 4.

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Oh thanks! I wasn’t sure where to put this😂

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I know I’m in the minority by saying that but I honestly don’t care how someone decides to do their hair. :woman_shrugging:t4:

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