QuestionMark ART SHOP

I’m QuestionMark, and I wanted to open a small Art Shop.

The requests do NOT take long to complete, so at most an hour, if I have other things going on.

So… Welcome!

Small Covers:

Large Covers:


(I don’t have many examples, as I don’t use splashes. I made this example for this reason only)

Character Info… Thingys:

(I was too lazy to cut out the pictures there… It was like 11 at night…)


Do NOT steal my work, or claim it. You are not obligated to give credit, just don’t say you made it.

Cover Request:

  • Author’s Name
  • Stories’ Name
  • Character Details/Pose
  • Background
  • Overall Mood (Sad, Angry, Happy)
  • Any other extra things

Splash Request:

  • Background
  • What You Want It To Say (Sound, Language, See You Next Time, etc.)
  • Character Details/Pose
  • Any other clipart or whatever

Character Detail Card

  • Character Name
  • Character Details
  • Background

Anything Else?

  • Describe it, and I will try (key word being TRY)

Thank You For Checking Out The Thread!

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I’m working on a story. I’d LOVE cover art for the beginning of every episode, and a large and small cover.

  • Emma E. L.
  • Beth - LIMELIGHT:

Neutral 02, Straight Medium Eyebrows in Medium Warm Brown, Over the Shoulder Braid in Medium Warm Brown, Deepset Upturned Wide eyes in Dark Hazel, Heart Soft face, Round Button Nose, and Full Heart Pouty lips in Rose Light Nude Gloss

She wears the Floral Lace Bodice Mermaid dress in Blue Cerulean, Nose Stud silver, and Lace Cape Stiletto Heels Leather Grey Neutral Warm

  • Paparazzi!
  • Happy; Sassy (winking @ camera?)
  • The ideal theme: FAME! I’d like for it to look like she’s being idolized (like the title, haha!)
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