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Hiya, I have a question:
Is it important to know the ending of your story, in order to start writing your whole story out?
Like, i get that you should know if it’s going to be a happy, sad or plot twist ending, but what exactly is going to occur towards the end.


I’d say it’s helpful to know how your story goes (like beginning, middle, end) so it’s more organized and planned out when you write but it’s not required.


I think it just depends on what works for you. Some people plan every single little thing out, while others, like me, don’t plan much- I like having the ability to let my imagination run wild. It’s good to at least have a very basic idea of the plot though.


I’m struggling with that myself but atleast have an idea in mind how you planned the ending ofc u can make adjustments and change it bit.

I planned mind out beginning middle and end actually if i get stuck in the middle just planned out the end after the beginning.

You don’t have to planned out every single detail i don’t at times mostly

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It’s helpful to have an idea to guide you, but I’d say it’s not necessary. I had a general idea of the beginning of one of my stories, but I completely winged the ending as I wrote it and i don’t think I could’ve made the ending any better if i tried. But it definitely does help give you a direction :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your amazing replies :orange_heart:

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