Questions about Club Feature

So does anyone else who is using Android doesn’t have the club feature?

Because I don’t and I did ask for help using a help ticket and apparently there is nothing that can be done. They also said that they don’t have a date saying when I will receive the feature.

Is the update just going to be for iOS or something?

I feel left out here as an Android user :pensive:


I have an android and have the book club feature and it works just fine.

Well thats good I guess…

Did you update it

There is no option for me to update on the playstore.

This is what I see when I go into the playstore.

I heard book club isnt working for a lot of people. I hope u get the feature soon!

Mine crashes often when I scroll it

Oh thats not good.

Same because I’m feeling quite left out.

Though I understand that you feel left out… don’t worry. You’re not missing out on much at all.
It has a severe lack of features (like, you can’t search for a specific bookclub, some ppl can’t see it on profiles, you can’t share a bookclub, there’s no in-app feature for reporting clubs, you can’t invite people and some people have not been able to even select a story for their bookclub) and there’s been plenty of reported bugs. You’re better off getting it once they make it more functional and complete.

I was hoping to join my friends book club though. Also honestly if its this bad it should have been tested before being released.

Yeah, I’ve been wanting to join a friend’s bookclub as well but it doesn’t show up for me no matter how many times I refresh the app, I also can’t search for it and there’s no share link for a specific bookclub, she also can’t invite me to it.

They did beta test the feature but they didn’t do it for long. They definitely should have added more features to it and fixed reported bugs during beta but they didn’t and here we are with a released feature (to most ppl anyway) that’s buggy and doesn’t function well.

Thats just annoying :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Well it’s been 3 days since the book club feature came out and 2 days since I sent a help ticket and got a reply. But there is nothing that can be done about me not having the update. So I thought it was just iOS users who got the update. But no apparently Android users got the update as well.

They also said that they don’t know when I will get the update and people have kept telling me to send another help ticket. I have told them no because there is no point. Because I would probably get the same answer.

I feel bad for other people who are in the same situation as me and have probably tried to ask for help and got the same answer as me. I don’t know what’s going on. But me and many other people probably want to know why we aren’t receiving this feature.

I’m sure that the feature is great. But it would be greater if everyone could have the feature. Instead of many people missing out and not knowing why.

Hmmm I think the simple answer is, it’s still rolling out to more people, it sucks that you and many others haven’t gotten it, and who knows maybe it’s because that feature has many bugs and glitches and they’re trying to fix it FIRST before releasing it to more people

Well why did they release it in the first place if its so buggy. It’s a bit ridiculous to release such a big feature and not fix the bugs first. :woman_facepalming:


I have no clue, many people who got the update the day it was released had problems with it, I finally got the update recently and I see some problems that it has, so hoping they can fix that and that everyone get get the update at once, since yeah it’s not really fair that others got it first :sob:

Yeah my friends also had problems with not being able to search a club or add people to their clubs. So yeah I’ve heard its awfully buggy :beetle:. Also yeah its quite unfair that many people don’t get to have the feature we should all be able to have the feature no matter what device we are using :android: :apple_inc:.

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sadly this isn’t possible yet, since it’s not a feature so hope they are able to add it!

Honestly I hope they add it to.

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