Questions About Customization & Art Scenes

Hey everyone! I’m writing a story where there are art scenes, but also full cc, and I will be giving the option to skip the art scenes. Note that not all art scenes will be romance related. I don’t really want to do one of the menus screen things but it makes sense for some of my questions, and I know people like them…I’ll ask anyways. For now please vote on the polls below and if you have anything else to add or some tips feel free to comment :slight_smile: There are multiple ones below!! :red_light:

I may come back and add new polls as I think of them

Should I include the green and blue skin tones for the cc? This is not a fantasy story, but I don’t want to take away the option if someone wants it.
  • Yes, keep the blue and green skin tones
  • No, don’t keep them
  • I usually chose blue when cc is available
  • I usually chose green when cc is available
  • I don’t pick the blue or green skin tones when cc is available
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Do you prefer the all the characters cc at the beginning of the episode or as you meet them during the episode? Note: There is the mc, and 2 Li
  • Beginning, I don’t like interruptions
  • As we meet them in the story
  • Doesn’t matter
  • Just create one of those menu screen things
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One of the Li is female, would it be worth adding the option for a masc vs fem style for her? (MC is female)
  • Yes, add the option!!
  • No, not worth it
  • Doesn’t apply to me
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How often should I let readers re customize characters?
  • Every episode (just do a menu screen thing)
  • Every 2 episodes
  • Every 3 episodes
  • Every 4 episodes
  • Every 5 episodes
  • As we get feature updates
  • Only once (but update the original cc as new features roll out)
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When should I ask if readers want to see an art scene?
  • Beginning of each episode (menu screen thing, make it like a setting you can turn on/off)
  • Beginning of episodes that have art scenes
  • When the art scene comes up in story
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How to you like your art scene descriptions to be? (comment more below if you chose other)
  • Detailed
  • Short & Sweet
  • Explain emotions of MC
  • Explain emotions of Li (if applicable)
  • Pan around art scene slowly
  • Pan around scene then zoom out
  • Zoom in on areas that are being described (ex hand on shoulder, zoom on it)
  • Other
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What are some reasons you may skip an art scene? (comment more below if you chose other)
  • Too long/boring
  • Doesn’t match my characters
  • Don’t need/like the descriptions
  • Too slow moving (panning and zooms)
  • Other
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Thanks in advance! <3


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Thanks! @Sydney_H

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Adding another two!

Do you mind if the Main character’s are not customizable but you get your own character to customize with a decent role?
  • That’s fine!
  • No, I want to cc the mc.
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What do you think of a gems to not see art scene? I’m thinking because the art scene I would be usuing would be commissioned and I’d want everyone to see it.
  • Good idea.
  • Don’t do that.
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One thing that I think is really good about art scenes is that they give the reader a break from staring at the same animations over and over again. Especially if it is a romantic scene, the same kissing animation combined with lines and lines of description gets really dull. Meanwhile, an art scene gives readers something new to look at.

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