Questions about gems

How many gems do you have? Where did you get them from? What do you usually spend them on?


Only one pls :sob::raised_back_of_hand:

Episode originals unfortunately :pensive:

Support the author! :heartpulse:


I have 63 gems I got them by saving up by reading episode official stories and gems from choose your choice and earn gems. I usually spend them on R4R with gems and occasionally on early access for my favorite story.


I have 2 gems at the moment. I had like 178 a while ago because of all those daily questions (that gave you gems) that would pop up when you entered the app. It would give 3 gems per question, but there was always a glitch where it would pop up like 4-6 times haha.

I tried reading Episode originals for gems, but then I decided it wasn’t worth it. I just try to complete the “challenges” (or whatever they’re called when you open Episode daily/read Episode).

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How many gems does that usually cost you?

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Depends on every author, but usually 8 or 15!

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On my phone I have 492 gems and I got them by reading featured stories and participating in the reading a certain amount of chapters for gems.

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