Questions about your story opinions?

I’m currently working on a romance / comedy story, and I had a few questions. If you have any concerning any genre, feel free to ask them here as well.
What do you consider to be the proper length for an Episode story?
How fast is too fast? (ex. kiss in chapter 1, date in chapter 2, chapter 3: unexpectedly expecting)
What are, in your opinion, the proper timings?
Is a lack of CC a turn-off, even if replaced with custom animations and overlays?
Do you like the point system?
What types of choices do you like, and how often?
Chapter length?
Do you care if there aren’t any outfit choices?


It differs for everyone, but personally, I prefer stories with a max of 25 episodes.

Basically the example you gave, mainly if this is about two people who just met. You need to make their relationship grow and develop throughout the story. Unless sex is a part of the main plot line, don’t immediately make your MC and LI get it on. Take it nice and slow. Remember, slow and steady win the race :grinning:

I think the first few chapters should revolve around your plot line as well as showing how, whatever the problem is, affecting the MC and their relationships with the people around them, including the LI. Add some flirty looks, nervousness, maybe boldness?

Depends on the person. It doesn’t really matter to me either way.

Choices are really important! They make the reader feel like they have some control over the situation and the way it turns out. Make sure you add plenty of important and impactful choices to increase engagement!!

Around 10 mins.

Well, it doesn’t bother me too much, but I rather have outfit choices. It makes me feel like I have control over my character, as I said before :laughing:

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Thank you! I agree on most of these, especially the second one, as many authors assume readers want the action, and this may be true, but some stories take it much too quickly. Thanks again. :heart:

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