Questions And Answers?

I would like to ask some questions about writing an episode story and what’s your point.

  1. Where do you find inspiration?
  2. Do you time yourself?
  3. What’s your greatest fear of being an author?
  4. How do you plan?
  5. What do you recommend to other authors?

If you’d like to respond to this thread. I really appreciate. :yellow_heart:


Literally, everywhere. Sometimes it’s contest themes, other times it’s a song, sometimes it’s just something I want to read that’s not on the app so I decide I may as well write it since doesn’t look like anyone else will, even once a twitter thread.

I used to, but not anymore because there’s too much branching and it makes me go crazy.

Letting people down. Too many people have lately been messaging me about how much they want me to update and they love the story, etc. (For context: this particular story has 100,000 reads #casualbrag) So like… what if all the pressure gets to me (kinda already has, I cry every time someone asks when I’m updating because idk what to tell them anymore, feels like I’m letting them down no matter what) means I start pumping out shite episodes? Or what if they get short? Or if I just cross some line or something? Then I’ll get hate mail and I’ll cry even more. Oh boy.

Depends on the story.
I have one that has absolutely no planning what so ever and it just somehow comes together. There’s another that I’ve planned beginning to end with every single detail before I even created the characters in the portal because I needed it to be free of plotholes first. Another I brainstorm with a friend. My process is a mess wow

If you’re like me… Write an entire story and publish the whole thing at once. It will save you the anxiety of worrying about writers block or getting fanmails asking for you to add/change something. This is what I’m hoping to do from now on with all stories. It may not be the best method to get reads for beginners, but is definitely the best way to avoid writers block and show readers that you won’t abandon a story lol


For the last one,

What advise would you give to other authors?

Sorry, I had wrote It in a wrong way. :sweat_smile:

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Lol, in regards to anything specific? Coz I tend to ramble

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Like Amber said, inspiration can be found everywhere and anywhere.
For example: books, films, music, the news, real life scenarios, prompts etc.

Well, I definitely notice if I procrastinate too much. However, I don’t limit the time I have to write. It would make me feel as though I’m in a rush.
Also as a writer, you’ll have good days and bad days. Don’t use a timer as a comparison, as it can make you lose the morale to write.

Writer’s block.

I have a specific structure that I use, as well as, a character profile. (This is more useful for writing story but it helps here as well.)

Take breaks when needed.
And writer’s block is common. Don’t be frustrated if you get stuck. Ask for help.


To anyone. Lol. Doesn’t matter if their an episode author or writer.

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Thank you. For sharing! I really appreciate. :yellow_heart:

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@amberose thank you as well. :heart:

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:orange_heart: Lol I don’t know what else to type

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awe. Don’t say that! I just didn’t know what to say. Lol

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  1. I start listening to music
  2. I try to write or plan each saturday/sunday
  3. Forgetting my plot ( happened many times because I lost the notebook :sweat_smile:)
  4. I write in a notebook:
    - I write a small description
    - Some plots
    - The genre
    - Throw some ideas/facts
    - Major events/drama/plot twist that it’s gonna happen
    - Write my story down with all the things I got
  5. Make longer chapters, try to update fast (I suck at that too :joy:), do R4R, make your story unique (If you’re going to make a bad boy story try to make it different from the others), know at least basic scripting/coding.

I hope this can help you writing a story :blush:


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