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I don’t get how to let my characters enter/leave/place them at the same time.
What I have now is that I change the background and the characters come one by one,
how can I get them to enter/leave/pop up together?

x Doortje


Hello everyone
I kinda need some help, I want to make my own cover but the problem is my laptop is a Macbook and I wanna do it by myself, Is that possible? and if it was could you send me a link for all the things i’m gonna use?
thank you :slight_smile:


What do you mean by X & Y? :’)

Hello, I’ve seen this bouncing effect with zoom at different spots, I know how to do it, but I’m having trouble adding a speech bubble over it. I want this effect of everything shaking while one of the characters screams. Thanks in advance!

Hi there, very new to episode and already published a 3 episode story. Once I did I found there is so much I left out. I don’t have choices, a cover, narrative titles for each episode and my stories description beginning is not correct… Is there a way I can touch up and use the update button for re-publish? I haven’t had a reader for my story yet to even get help… help please…


 Hi I’m Ruby,
 I’ve been using episode for a while now, but every time I try writing a story, I end up deleting it. Because I don’t know what to do. Please can someone help me, I need help with...

• Adding in, where the reader types their answer in, like, they can type their own name in.
• Getting backgrounds from other people, making my own, or getting them from somewhere else.
• Adding in props of my own, or other people’s, like if someone was bleeding how do you get blood put on them.
• how do you add sound or music, from somewhere, or someone.
• How do you get a picture on the cover of your story, of the main characters, or what the story is based on.
• How do you get art scenes put on, and get them from people.
• On outfits, how do you get the character to remove an item of clothing, like sunglasses, and how do you get them to go fully naked, or add bits of clothing back on.
Thanks for all the help, it’s much appreciated. I’m also looking to do a joint story with someone, or a few stories if things go well. So if anyone would like to do it with me, I’ve got lots of ideas, I just need some more experience, in putting my ideas in to a story. If anyone knows any answers, or wants to help, please get back to me soon, thanks a lot! - Ruby

could someone please help me? I asked episode and they weren’t any help. on one of my stories I’m starting on the site (I work in app to avoid frustration) says “bad script end: make sure you have dialogue after a character name” and I’m not quite sure how to do over lays. please someone help. because of the limit on mobile characters I’m going to have to start using the website. please help and thank you.

Hey Ruby,
Im not really experiences but I know my ways on some things. I would love to do a joint story! Maybe we can DM so I can help you?

You should watch some youtube videos of Joseph Evans, his videos helped me A LOT!


You can just change your story and republish it

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&zoom on x y to % in S THEN zoom on x y % in S THEN zoom on x y to % in S
CHAR (scream)
dialog here

You can put as many zooms as you like on the same line using the & symbol and for better effect use 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4 or 0.5 for the S (number of seconds)
Hope this has helped!

X and y are the spot numbers for your character. Eg.
@CHAR spot % x y
@CHAR spot 1.280 60 0

thank you. I figured out the error and quickly found out the answers to another problem with the videos. it helped a lot thanks

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What’re the best videos for learning to use overlays and animations? Right now before I start my next story I’m checking to see what animations I will be using. From what I’m seeing in some of the stories, are people researching outside of episode for different props, overlays, backgrounds ect.? I don’t draw so where do I start? Is it common to use the mobile app (drag and drop) to start the story then open it up in the portal and add to it? I guess I’m a little which one to use when you’re doing all you fixing and checks in the writers portal anyway. I just really need a buddy to help me get kickstarted. If you can refer someone who has the time please…

hi, how do I change the name of my story?

On the portal. Click where your story title is. Change it. Click ‘save changes’ then ‘update’ so it will be visible on the app

thanks :slight_smile:

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I would look into Joseph Evans, his youtube videos are a huge help and his instagram is @josephcevans x

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