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yeah i’ve double checked everything.

this is how i write it:
@overlay CHAPGF create
@overlay CHAPGF shifts to 31 225
@overlay CHAPGF scales to 0.427 0.427

and this is my overlay:

@overlay CHAPGF create
@overlay CHAPGF shifts to 31 225 in zone #
@overlay CHAPGF scales to 0.427 0.427
@overlay CHAPGF opacity 1 in 0

When you click on the overlay helper does the overlay name appear underneath the preview screen or on mobile it will be bottom left of your screen

I have a question
I want to know how you get your characters sitting on limelight
I know how to do them laying down but I can not figure out how to get them sitting
Any help would be so appreciated

There are have animations for those.
Like sit_natural, lay_asleep or something like that(I don’t really know the correct name :woman_shrugging:)
You can preview all the animation in art catalog> animations at the writer portal

I do not know how you put them in the right place
As you do not get position coordinates/numbers
I’m trying to get them to sit on the chairs on the background

Check out this thread to get familiar with spot directing :slight_smile:

Hi. SO In my story, the reader can add their name to the story. I have the coding for that down. My question is how do I get other characters to say their name? SO if I put in my name Ash in, how do I get my character Cameron to say my name?

You add in the answer portion of your code in brackets.

If the answer is FIRSTNAME, then you would add FIRSTNAME in brackets:

Hey, [FIRSTNAME], how are you?

how do i make my speech bubble for a certain character as if they are narrating and not speaking or thinking

I have a another question I did the what’s your name thing
But I tried getting another charecter to say that persons chosen name and it won’t do it . It won’t come up on the speach bubble either


SUSAN (talk_neutral)
Hi, [NAME] you look great.

The NAME would be whatever code you’ve used.

Also try on the app. Web preview won’t work for typed choices :slight_smile:

You use AND

@uses a beat (Aka a second) whereas & does this instantly…

&Character1 enters from side to position AND CHARACTER2 (no @ or & in the rest on the names…) enters from… All on the same line.

How does that animations called? (when the character gets up from squat)

I know I can pan through a background via @pan to zone 2 in 0.5 and similar.

However, I don’t always want to pan through entire zones. Sometimes I want the background to move just a little bit, to merely ‘nudge’ the background slightly. Is this possible?

stand_up for ink. Not sure for limelight. Think it’s transition command

How do you mean? In the same zone? You can just zoom. You can zoom left/right as well as in/out :slight_smile:

Probably should add that I work in Spotlight, don’t judge me.

Can you explain? what is this error? error