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It’s alright. Do you know how I can put two character customizing after one another?

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I don’t know for sure because I never did it but maybe it works when you put two outfit choices in your script? For each character one? But I don’t know, sorry. :see_no_evil:

@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center


@CHARACTER exits right
@CHARACTER1 enters from left to screen center


@CHARACTER1 exits right

Here’s the thread:

If it’s the same gender use different scripts so labels won’t duplicate.

Thanks so much

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But where do I write the “at layer 4” (or whatever layer it must be at) ?
Does it go after the “@overlay shifts to……” ?

Thank you

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Hello, I am new to writing stories and I was wondering how to make the characters taller and shorter throughout the entire story…

you need to use spot directing:

Thank you so much! This was really helpful.

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How to get characters naked in create

you can’t and you’re not allowed to use naked characters as this will break guidelines. You can use censor bars

Hi, i don’t know how to use the zooms.
Can someone help me out?

check out this post and let me know if you have more questions :slight_smile:

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Thank you!!

I need some suggestions… (limelight)
So, in this scene I have a character in a kitchen at her house. I wanted to know what behaviors do you suggest her to have.
She’s supposed to be doing something natural (not cooking) before another character walks in.
Idk if it helps but she’s a mini market owner.
Thank you for your time and future answers

Text, eating, tinker rear animation, reading, even animations such as think, eyeroll etc. Literally anything lol

Yeah. That’s probably gonna work. Thanks!:kissing_heart:

Im starting my first story but im having trouble with getting my characters onto the screen with the directing commands wondering if anyone could explain it to me please

Okay if you would like the character to enter a scene, it should look something like this…

@CHARACTER enters from left/right to screen left

The positions you can choose your character to walk to is:
Screen left
Upscreen left
Screen center
Upscreen right
Screen right

If you want your character to already stand somewhere in your background it should look something like this…

@CHARACTER stands screen left in zone # AND CHARACTER faces left/right

There are also something that is called spot directing which can make your character walk/stand exactly where you want it to be, but that’s more complicated, but if you want to i can explain it! :relaxed:

I hope this made sense and that it helped! And please if you have more questions feel free to ask me! :relaxed:

Thank you

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