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is that ink or limelight? i think limelight doesn’t have it :frowning:

How do I make my characters leave at the same time?


@CHARACTER exits left AND CHARACTER1 exits left

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You can copy an ink one and just change the animations :slight_smile:

How do I make sure one characters stands in front of the other, because I have a script scene where CHARACTER1 stands in the distance, but she is standing in front of CHARACTER2 if you know what I mean.

use layers, move CHARACTER1 to layer -1 and CHARACTER2 to layer 1

Use command:
@CHARACTER moves to layer #

More about layers here:

So I’m using the mirror overlay refection trick but I also need to use the fading character thing and now im stuck

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I want the DUPE (one in the mirror) to fade out, then another character will replace her in the same spot, then THAT character will fade out and the DUPE will fade back in to her spot. Help needed!

I have a problem, my background does not show up, and I have no idea why… I’m new here!
Chapter one: Routine
@cut to zone 3
@overlay CAR FRONT PURPLE shifts to 100 100
@EMILIE is talk_sit_neutral_loop
It shows up all black…

Try refreshing the page, I tried it and it worked on my end!

Thanks, but it still doesn’t work :frowning:

I’m relatively new to Episode and I’m working on a story but for a scene I need to fade out the music (I know the code) for it but when I preview it on the app my music doesn’t fade. Is it something I did wrong or is it just a problem with my app thanks.

It could be there isn’t a zone 3 for that particular scene

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Um… soo in my story i have a background with 3 or 4 zones and i want it to pan to zone 2 to and have the character start doing something in zone 2 when the camera gets there? help? thanks <3

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Thanks! Going to check if that’s the problem.

Hey guys. Im trying to add a choice in my script, but keeps telling me it has to be after dialogue, not a branch. How do I fix this?

Fade out will be tricky in this one, you would need to duplicate the overlays (and place them set them on zero) then fade them in and out later

you need a dialogue before the word choice

I have a dialogue before it but it says theres a branch

can you post your code or a screenshot?

How did I sleep?
" I slept really good" {
@YOU talk_happy_smile

} “not so great” {
@YOU deepbreath


How do I fix this?
Thank you for your help