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I can’t find any help on how to use overlays to create custom portraits, text boxes, etc in Spotlight, even after searching the forums and googling.

I already have all my transparencies ready, I just need to know how to insert them. The only overlay guides I found don’t describe how to retain the Spotlight animations (portraits fading in and out of the screen between transitions, etc).


Hiya, I need serious help!!! I’m writing my very first story and I’ve put my person in, gave her something to say but every time I put an animation next to her name it just says "ERROR the character talk_greet_shy does not exist, I did everything it told me to, put it in brackets, all lower case with the _ with it, just dont know what else to try, please help!


@CHARACTER is animation
This commands your character to do an animation

CHARACTER (animation)
dialog here
This commands your character to speak with an animation
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thats what I tried, I had it like this

CHARACTER (talk_greet_shy)
speech here

but it still came up saying “ERROR talk_greet_shy is not a character”

I’ll see if I can get a screenshot of it



Everything else has worked fine until I put an animation in


It’s because you’ve a character called NARRATOR … The script only recognises this as the default NARRATOR (the square narration boxes with no name above it). You will need to create another character with your name or AUTHOR or something similar :see_no_evil:


Well I’m officially an idiot haha, literally just started yesterday, so still learning haha & thank you so much! Really appreciate it :smiley:


No problem! We’ve all been there :sweat_smile:



If I use that background, can I put my character in frount the OL that it has with it? I know how too add a overlay and move the layer of it and the Character, but I didn’t know if I could do it with a background that aready has a OL with it and if so how to do it.
Thank you

Here is what I’m trying to do.


&zoom reset

&cut to zone 3

&SHIRLEY spot 1.280 101 42 AND SHIRLEY is type_sit_neutral_loop

@transition fade in black 2

Then I want to have my Character to enter the room in frount of the desk but I’m not to sure how to do so scents the overlay is already in the scene with the background.


I need help! Why does it say there are no eyebrows called Arched Natural (and literally every other eyebrow as well cause it just keeps going down the line when I erase one saying the next one in line doesn’t exist either…) when there is! This is my first time trying out episode so if it’s super obvious I’m sorry.
(Here is what I have)
label brows_0
@zoom on 150 320 to 165% in 0
#@zoom on 470 320 to 165% in 0
#@zoom on 785 320 to 165% in 0
@CHARACTER1 starts idle_loop
What eyebrow shape would you like?
“Arched Natural”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Arched Natural
goto brows_0
}“Arched Thick Styled”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Arched Thick Styled
goto brows_0
}“Arched Thin”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Arched Thin
goto brows_0
}“Arched Thin High”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Arched Thin High
goto brows_0
}“Round Medium”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Round Medium
goto brows_0
}“Round Thick”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Round Thick
goto brows_0
}“Round Thin High”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Round Thin High
goto brows_0
}“Straight Medium”{
@CHARACTER1 changes eyebrows into Straight Medium
goto brows_0
}“Select a color.”{
goto browsColor_0
} “Looks good!”{
goto avatar_0


Make sure you’ve pasted the correct template for LL/INK and whether you’ve selected the correct gender too. Also check your character you’re customisatising is called CHARACTER_1 or change this part to the correct name


All these overlay backgrounds are intended for use so that the character will automatically be behind it. You will have to use the separate overlay in the catalog in this scene so you can switch the layers :slight_smile:


Okay thank you so much, I wasn’t sure if I could move the overlay of them or not I’ll just use different zones for what I was tring to do thank you so much. :slight_smile:


Thank you, it was the name. Super simple, once again thank you Jade!


So, I want my character to be behind the counter of a cafe since she’s the batista. How do i do that



Hope you’re having a good day or night.

I need help with moving overlays for ink style, like if my char is punching a punching bag. I would like that the overlay would bounce back.



So, quick question…do the champagne glasses work for males in limelight? Because the prop is only being added to my female character :thinking: is this only an issue for me?


hello, I’m wondering if there is any way to use limelight animations with an ink character. Many thanks. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately not :frowning: