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Thank you


Hi! Im new to episode and im currently writing a story that I think is really cool. I have a few questions about things that I want to ask to make my story better.

  1. How can I do the thing that you choices to coustimize the player and not the avatar menu?
  2. how can I make the parents of the player have the same skin color as them?
    3.I have seen episode that have props or things that I have never seen and I want to do that too. How can i do that?
  3. That’s all of my questions that I can think of, but could you also give me tips on how to do simmilar stuff to my questions?
    Thank you!


can anyone help me with the hugging? its not happening I want my character to face left but he is facing right i tried many things like @CHAR is hug_rear AND CHAR faces left or @CHAR faces left but its not working:cry:


So it would be CHAR is hug_rear AND CHAR faces right


thanks for the help


Hi! I’m new to episode :slight_smile: I downloaded the episode app and I was wondering if I somehow can connect my account on here to my game? Also! Is there any free way to earn gems? I’m a broke girl and it’s sometimes hard to play episode without gems, I’m sure you all understand. Anyway… thanks for the help!!!


You can’t connect from here to the episode app.
If you want free gem you can read Episode Official stories, but they are not that good, so I recommend to read the community stories, which doesn’t need gems.


How can I read community stories? (Sorry for asking another one :confused: )


Most story without the blue thing on the small cover is a community story.
Click the button on the top left corner and a menu will show up. Select community stories.
Ypu can also click on author’s pfp and go to their page to see what s/he wrote and what they recommended.


Thanks! Last question, I promise lol. Is there anyway to earn passes quicker? And do I need these for community stories as well?


You can watch ads to reduce the time ot takes to earn passes. But you can’t earn them from reading stories.


hey, i’m new with making stories and everything and i saw at the stories of some other people that they had some amazing background with the saying credit to … can other people give you a background or something? i dont really understand this :thinking:


yes you can request other people to help you make anything art related here:

Everyone’s willing to help, so weve got a great community here :smiley:


how can i make someone enter in a specific zone, i want her to enter from right in zone 3 to the center? please help <3


@CHARACTER enters from right to screen center in zone 3
Remember to pan/cut to zone 3, or you won’t be able to see the scene.


thank you so much<333


Just wanna ask, can you make a character wear clothes with codes, like @CHARACTER changes into, but wear specific cloths, not outfits we created.


Unfortunately not​:sob: you can to create all outfits. Even for when the character takes off a jacket or glasses. It has to be another outfit :weary::joy:


This may be dumb but are they going to update ink because if not I am done.
I hate limelight and everything about it so if anyone knows please tell me.


they’re not updating INK anymore :frowning: I feel your pain…