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Well goodbye Episode,:unamused:


I got a question! I thought there was a smoking animation for LL, but I’ve looked and can’t seem to find one. Is there an animation like that for LL?


So I’m currently writing a part where a choice comes in, and it just says; There is a { on line x that does not have a matching
This is my script:


@SCARLETT stands screen center in zone 1

Do you want to customize her?

“Yes please!”{

    SCARLETT (talk_forward)

Make me perfect.

goes to customization template

“Nah, she’s gorgeous!”{

    SCARLETT (talk_handsonhips)
Why thank you!

&SCARLETT is flirt_coy THEN SCARLETT is flirt_wink

    SCARLETT (flirt_wink)
You're not so bad yourself!

&SCARLETT is eyeroll

You're not getting payed for flirting!!!

    SCARLETT (talk_angry_arms_crossed)
I'm just being friendly.

    SCARLETT (talk_apathetic)
You should try it more often.

That's it!
You're getting toilet duty for a week!

@SCARLETT is talk_repulsed

    SCARLETT (talk_neutral_deny)
You can't do that!

Watch me.

@SCARLETT is talk_exhausted

@SCARLETT exits right

gains original_eye_color

goto no_customization


Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thank you


no wait got it ! look you can;t put the GAINS and goto inside the choice it will give you that error but if you put those after the choice then it won’t give you error’s


Oh my gosh, thank you SO MUCH!!! I literally love you rn. I tried taking the gain away and it worked! Ugh, never thought that one little mistake would stump me for days… :sweat_smile:Thank you so much for your help! <3


I’m trying to let my readers have a choice to pick a outfit out of 3. But the problem is, the ERROR keeps saying “Unexected choice: did you include a choice without a line of diaogue before it?” I’m very frustrated, and would love help.!!


Hello, I have an error in my story called error67 and it won’t let me preview anything. Please help me.


Before your choice, you need to have a dialogue.

What should I wear?

"Outfit 1" {

} "Outfit 2" {

} "Outfit 3" {


Instead of
What should I wear?

you could also do this:

CHARACTERNAME (talk_neutral)
What should I wear?


CHARACTERNAME (non-speaking animation)
(What should I wear?)


Thank you!! :wink: :smiley:


can you guys please help me with chosing one of my two story ideas!? , please go to my last topic it would really help me out, sorry if i’m doing this at the wrong place but i really really need help!!

please :sweat:


Hello, people! I’ve been trying to create this choice in the script and it just doesn’t want to come out good, I can’t make it right and I seriously don’t know what to do. I want it to be like a choice where you have to see 7 people and decide which one is the right one, using the “arrows” to move the camera in order to see them.
If you can help me, please message me or dm me on Instagram (cocconut_girl) so I can explain it better. Thank you!


I always have trouble with spoting the characters. When I spot them at a spot. And then pan the screen to them the characters disappear. And I don’t know to move the camera from a character to another character. Can you help me?


did you save the spot places in your script before making the pan?


It’s something like this:



i don’t know it excactly but there is a really helpfull yt acc named: Josep evens, he as a lot of help video’s also one for choices! you can see how he does it and search for what you did wrong!


I looked up everywhere and haven’t found what I searched :see_no_evil:


ohw sorry!


oh don’t worry.


I saved the spots first and then I added the pans.


can you make a screenshot?